About Me
Exploring new ways to deliver better, accurate, and comprehensive healthcare.

Dr Jonathan Wee is a highly professional and experienced General Practitioner. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2011 and later obtained the Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2015. Dr Wee is a friendly and approachable GP.

He believes in a systematic approach that allows patient concerns to be assessed comprehensively, ensuring the right treatments are recommended. With the use of technology, he not only provides patients with precise and up-to-date treatments, but they also have personally written management plans which they cantake home after a consult.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Dr Wee is a self-taught coder and web developer. He is passionate about improving the patient-doctor experience using digital tools and is the CEO and co-founder of telehealth.

He is also a father of two pre-schoolers and enjoys travelling, camping, and designing toys for his kids to print out on his 3D printer.

What I am best at

My Services

Thorough Assessments
A detailed and careful history leads to more precise diagnoses and treatment.
Fully Digital
Get your scripts electronically. Receive all your request forms, referrals and test results digitally during consultation.
Detailed Management Plans
Nobody can remember everything the doctor says. Receive written instructions and treatment plans to keep.
Make progress,
get better.
Health is everything. Get your health sorted today.
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